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The mission of Pittsburgh Supports Israel is to provide a central virtual platform that is focused promoting content that will

  • Promote education about the state of Israel, the IDF and the Jewish people

  • Provide positive social media outlet and videos

  • Present ways to calm, connect, and heal in therapeutic ways 

  • Provide information on organizations/donation links, Pittsburgh area gatherings, and local alliances

  • Promote Jewish art that is inspiring 

The goal is that this site will be a hub for the whole community of Pittsburgh to take action in a positive and meaningful way. To inspire and educate Jews and our allies and respond in a way that moves them.   

  • This site is maintained by volunteers

  • We are looking for collaborators, teams, team leaders and content creators.  


Pittsburgh Supports Israel was created in the days following October 7th.  I am the mother of a lone IDF soldier and a lone bat Sherut.  My son serves in an active special forces unit and my daughter is a new citizen of Israel volunteering for her year of national service. To channel my energy during this time of war  I felt the need to create a place of unity,  education, healing, advocacy and alliance for our community here in Pittsburgh 

I hope you will join and support this effort wherever you feel moved to....


Chana Luba Ertel CPM, RN

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